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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Paleo Diet - How to Jump Start Your Weight Loss
The Paleo diet or "hunter gatherer" way of eating suggests that the best diet is the one to which we have been genetically adapted.  Depending from which gene pool you derive, this diet may or may not suit your culture and your lifestyle.

The basic foods to eat are meat, root vegetables, nuts and berries. The US Army Survival Manual  discusses your best chances for foods in different environments and promotes insects over large game. A little difficult to swallow, remember, cavemen died of starvation and not from consuming processed foods and dairy.

Indeed there are many thriving cultures with long life expectancies that eat diets based on rice and fish.  Japanese women, for example.

If you can give up pasta and ice cream, the Paleo diet is easy to follow. The list of encouraged foods is much longer than the list of foods to avoid.  But high protein diets, including the Atkins Diet and The Zone, have not been panaceas to health or nutrition and the same outcome will probably attach to the Paleo Diet. These diets do jump start weight loss and are a good way to begin changing your eating behaviors.

Once your weight is stabilized, eating a nutritionally complete diet and eating in moderation are better long term goals. Your tax dollars provide unbiased nutritional information you can use to eat well, lose weight, and live longer.

But for only  99 cent this Kindle Book can go with you to the grocery store for easy to follow recipes and lists of ingredients.

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