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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Papaya and Peru

Choose to have papaya for breakfast.

I first encountered the papaya while traveling in Peru. I don't know why I had to go so far to put this wonderful fruit on my plate, but you only have to travel to the local  grocery store to experience it.

In Peru, the papaya is ubiquitous for breakfast. In blended drinks, papaya is mixed with banana, apple and pineapple. Milk is often added for  smoothness or younger drinkers. As a cut fruit, papaya is served with a dash of lime or lemon.  I have seen papaya used as a meat tenderizer in Peru.

So grab your juicer and encourage your family to acquire a new nutritious habit.  After guava, papaya is the fruit that has the most vitamin C. Some researchers say it the most nutritious fruit.   Papaya is also high in calcium, folic acid, fiber, and carotenoids.  It is the only source of papain, a natural digestive aid.  If you cannot find fresh papaya,  the papaya enzyme can also be consumed in tablet form.

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