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Monday, August 1, 2011

What's In Your Soup? - Chupe De Camarones
Soups round the world are often composites of local ingredients in a broth that make a complete meal. Peru has excellent soups.

My favorite Peruvian soup is the chupe de camarones, soup with shrimp, from Arequipa. This dish is eaten during mid-day at large outdoor restaurants. It's good to have grass under your feet when you attempt this difficult bowl for the first time.

Giant hard-shelled prawns sit in a shrimp broth, with  large kerneled Peruvian corn on the cob, queso fresco, the always included Peruvian potato, fava beans, tomatoes, and eggs. Every food group is represented. More civilized versions can be had using smaller shrimp, but half the fun is eating soup with your hands.

Now as fun and terrific as this soup looks, it is not easy to prepare.  I tried it and put in too much aji (yes red hot chili peppers).  My home made shrimp broth was ruined, and I had to dilute it with chicken broth from a can.  My guests were very polite, the soup was very good, but it was a different soup.

To truly understand why this soup was voted number 2 in a contest of  of Peru's 7 most wonderful dishes, experiment with this authentic  recipe.  I didn't personally vet it, but 5 people reviewed it as 5 star.

If you are interested in Peruvian cuisine, try this cook book.

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