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Monday, June 6, 2011

Heart Healthy Eating: The Mediterranean Diet

According to the USDA's Dietary Guidelines 2010, Chapter 5, p.45, "individuals with a higher Mediterranean diet score have reduced cardiovascular disease risk factors, reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease, and a lower rate of total mortality.

Up your "score" by thinking vacation. If the platter with small plates of fried sardines, cucumber tomato salad, pita bread, tahini sauce, olives and pickles isn't your first choice, and eating heart healthy food is not incentive enough, reward yourself with a cruise to the Mediterranean or trip to the Middle East to learn to eat this diet.

Mediterranean Diet Guidelines

  1. High consumption of virgin olive oil.
  2. High intake of vegetables and fruits and legumes.
  3. Use of non refined carbohydrates, whole grains (portions to be adjusted to physical activity).
  4. Consumption of fish, specially oily (or “bluish” ones) three or four times a week
  5. Consumption of milk and derivatives, cheese and yogurt (the original cheese was fresh goat cheese). Keep an eye on the saturated fats of the dairy products. Do not consume too much!
  6. Three or four eggs per week.
  7. Moderate consumption of meat and saturated fats (natural, not artificially hydrogenated!).
  8. One or two small glasses of wine a day, preferably red and at the main meals. White wine and beer are alternatives.
  9. Nuts as snacks.
  10. On “special occasions” Mediterranean traditional desserts.

The Mayo Clinic further suggests that you substitute herbs and spices for salt, olive oil for butter, and make sure milk products are low fat.

If you are not traveling this summer, set the mood in your kitchen with a poster of Greece, Italy, Spain or your favorite Mediterranean destination. Too tacky, then create a centerpiece Mediterranean fruit bowl

Images and ambiance will help you "walk the walk" and reach your destination behavior for healthy eating.

Need more help?  This cookbook gets down to basics!

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