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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Commit to Stocking Your Refrigerator With Healthy Foods
A refrigerator makeover is something you can do today.

Once you have decided to break your unhealthy eating habits, you need to know what they are. The inside of your refrigerator will tell you. Susannah Marchese, the Skinnygirl Personal Trainer, suggests you take a picture of your refrigerator's "before" contents.  Tack it up on the outside door so you can compare it with your refrigerator makeover.

Your refrigerator is a good place to start your behavior change. Empty the contents and give it a good scrub.  Don't get rid of food that will not be on your new eating plan, but do throw out old condiments, leftovers and suspicious items.

When you next go grocery shopping, go with a plan. Make a list of items you normally buy and put next to them the healthy alternative that will replace them. If you drink whole milk, buy low fat milk.  If you drink juice, buy 100% whole juice of the fruit that is pictured. If you eat red meat, substitute some chicken and fish. Don't deviate from your list.

After a week, take a new picture of your refrigerator's contents. The photo should look like the one above, clean, colorful, and appetizing.

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Jen said...

This is actually something I'm good at -- my refrigerator has lots of healthy vegetables, chicken, fish, non-fat milk, etc. OK, there is a package of bacon, but just for garnish! The problem I have is actually getting the vegetables out of the fridge and on to my plate. Somehow the washing, peeling, chopping, cooking steps are daunting.

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