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Monday, January 16, 2012

Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Saute
This recipe is so embarrassingly simple, that it almost does not deserve directions. But, if you are like me, that makes it perfect.

Also this preparation is low in calories and high in vitamins K, C and A.  Brussels sprouts are touted to lower cholesterol and inhibit colon cancer.  Lemons supposedly cure everything.

To start, select the amount of Brussels sprouts that are compatible for your needs. I usually make the amount that covers the bottom of my 8" skillet. Keep in mind that this dish can be reheated or served as a cold salad.

1.  Rinse the Brussels sprouts and cut into halves.
2.  Clean one lemon and cut into quarters.
3.  Place sprouts and lemon into a skillet and cover with water.
4.  Steam until the sprouts are done to your liking.

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