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Monday, May 2, 2011

Eat An Apple A Day .....

The "fruit" from the Garden of Eden
was depicted as an apple by
Lucas Cranach around 1538.
See similar images by  Albrecht Durer
in 1504.  Note the two apples.

Choose to eat an apple a day.

The apple originated in the Middle East 4000 years ago. Worldwide there are 7500 varieties of apples. 2500 are grown in the US, but  only 10+ popular apples are distributed by your local grocery store.
When you learn about the amazing benefits of apples you will want to lobby your grocer for more choices.

Apples are portable, aromatic, colorful, and a useful snack.  An average apple is 25% water and only 80 calories.  Eaten 15 minutes before meals, the apple reduces caloric intake by 15%.

Apples have many health benefits. The soluble pectin fibers from whole apples prevent cholesterol buildup by lowering LDL to provide cardiovascular benefits. The insoluble fibers in apples improve digestion.

Polyphenols in apples have many antioxident benefits. Importantly, they help regulate blood sugar. Quercetin, a flavanoid in apples,  protects against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and some studies show a positive relationship between apple consumption and lower risks of lung cancer and asthma.  Flavanoids in apples may also help prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

A medium-sized unpeeled Red Delicious apple with skin,  has twice the fiber and 45% more polyphenols than a similar peeled apple.  Among common varieties, Red Delicious apples have the most phytochemicals.

My recommendations for eating apples: 
1.  Slice into low fat yogurt or cottage cheese.
2.  Dice and use as a topping for hot and cold cereals.
3.  Add to green salads and fruit salads.
4.  Dice and add into tuna or chicken salad.
5.  Slice and top with low fat smoked cheese.

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Meryl said...

Marsha.. this is good, simple info. I will try to eat more apples. Nice blog!

Frufabu Team said...

I love apples, Marsha. Now I love them even more, thanks to your lovely blog.

Unknown said...

Wow ! An apple a day keeps the doctor away and apple for a teacher are part of our lexicon, but I've not read so eloquent an argument for apples! Off to the farmers market for me! Thanks, and love the artwork...

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