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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Simple Food - Simmered

For me simple foods are simple.  They are foods you can eat with satisfaction that do not need mega preparation and time consuming clean up. 

This elegant plate was prepared using simmering as the cooking method. The fish was added to a small fry pan that was partially filled with water, lemon slices, and dill. The asparagus was cooked in a double boiler. The pan and pot were covered so the contents could steam.

Fresh halved cherry tomatoes and minced red onions were combined with a vinaigrette and added to the cooked asparagus when it cooled.  The salmon was also served cold. 

Clean up of the pan and pot was easy because they did not contain cooked on foods. The vinaigrette is something I keep on hand.

Steaming:  This is a favorite cooking method of mine because it is very fast and does not add calories or fat to the food being cooked. To steam, bring water or another liquid such as wine to a boil, turn down the heat, and cover the pan. The items being cooked need to be suspended in a basket or double boiler, or elevated on a bed of herbs, so steam can circulate. 

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